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We all want to be more effective leaders and live from our truest selves. But how do you pull it all together? THRIVERS offers mentoring, coaching, and consulting to help you on your journey. Put one of our THRIVERS guides to work. From coaching to keynote speaking to spiritual guidance, we can help you and your company thrive. Click below to learn more.


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thrivers quadrant

Some entrepreneurs’ highest priority is making money (the “mercenary mindset”), while others most value a life of meaning (the “missionary mindset”). The reality is that most of us want both. We all lean with a mindset and skill set that favors one over the other, just like most people are either more left-brained (analytical) or right-brained (artistic). The same is typically true of entrepreneurship. Rarely are entrepreneurs good at both — but we believe with the right training and self-awareness you can be a Thriver.

6 Entrepreneurial Principles That Will Move You From Stress-Flooded to Peace-Filled – Thrive Global

Whether you’re a layman launching a passion project, an entrepreneur waiting for her first big act, or a blue-collar man who’s simply ready to be his own boss, know this: Those who sprint to achieve mythical unicorn status flicker out fast. Laboring through long days and longer nights, they’re left depleted.

The Best Business Books to Inspire Passion and Attain Goals

Everyone talks about employee engagement. But what happens when leaders are the ones who feel detached from their companies? Whether startup entrepreneurs or corporate executives, they need to reignite the fires that got them to their current position—and determine where the future is to consistently fuel their happiness.

thrivers book

The Thriver’s quadrant and how to get there is described in detail in the new book for entrepreneurs by Vance Brown, Thrivers. Click below to order or for more information.