JOHN BOLIN is a creative executive who works to bring stories to life on page, stage and screen. He also works with companies to help them clarify and amplify the stories of their customers. 

After graduating from college, John traveled to over 70 countries, working with NGOs and coaching college students to impact the world and do work that matters. John later launched EXQ, an outdoor sports company, which included a direct mail catalog, a retail store and one of the first ever online outdoor retail websites. He eventually sold EXQ to Specialty Sports, LLC. 

John is the Creative Director at Exponential Impact, a high-tech business accelerator Exponential Impact helps high-tech entrepreneurs accelerate personal prosperity while embracing good for humanity. The company offers a unique Startup Camp followed by an accelerator program and it concludes with a Pitch Week for top VCs.

John is CEO of, a creative agency serving corporate clients and the entertainment industry. In addition to live stage, television and feature film, Bridgehouse works with authors, agents and companies to help them bring their content to life. 

John is also a co-founder of Thorn Productions, a live event organization. Thorn Productions produces events that have been seen live by over a million people and feature acting, live music, dance, aerial acrobatics, pyrotechnics, special effects and more. 

John is the author of 9 books including his debut novel The Eden Project, a thriller that combines action, adventure and nanotechnology. 

John has shared the stage with Norman Schwarzkopf, Marcus Buckingham and John Maxwell and has presented keynotes for crowds from 500-10,000. John speaks regularly on the topics of maximizing life, story & creativity.