The SIX PEAKS provide a holistic framework for integrative mentoring. These six key values are critical for every Thriver.


Good stories have purpose, meaning and impact. Innovation begins with story. Thrivers understand that innovation is about crafting a better story for one’s self, others, and the world.


We believe Thrivers must understand the importance of health and wellness, not just in terms of physical fitness, but mental heath and soul care as well. This includes mindfulness, nutrition, and sleep.


The journey to becoming a Thriver starts within. While self-reflection is the starting point, to truly know yourself you must be known. Thrivers are grateful for the opportunity to care for our organizations but also the needs of our family, community and the planet.


Our entire program is designed around shaping and molding and transforming high-tech entrepreneurs into Thrivers. Our hope is that the leadership principles learned during the Program will echo throughout one’s lifetime.


A Thriver demonstrates a consistent drive and track record of operational excellence. This is demonstrated by shrewdness, management, strategy, teamwork, competitive differentiators, and managed risk.


No Thriver is truly successful as an island. We believe that effective leadership is marked by connecting with authentic mentorship. Thriving Leaders reach up towards their mentors, across to those beside them and down to bring others up.