THRIVERS is an entrepreneur’s fable that is entertaining, compelling and transformational. In The Thrivers, Vance Brown and John Bolin use the power of storytelling to challenge the long-held belief that effective entrepreneurs are either fierce competitors or visionary leaders. In this brave, new book Brown and Bolin assert that the best entrepreneurs must be both. Yet doing both requires the heart of a missionary and the skills to fight like a mercenary. Few do both well, but with the proper training and self-awareness, entrepreneurs can learn to thrive with both mindsets. 

Chad Banning, Sensors Everywhere’s CEO, faces a looming personal and corporate crisis when he is offered a do-or-die offer from investors that could rescue his struggling company. Will he take the deal, even if it means he loses control of his company and perhaps his job? Will his company be able to go to the next stage of growth, or will Chad collapse under the weight of it all? Set in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains, this surging tale of leadership, risk, teamwork and grit is a poignant lesson in the power of vulnerability, self-awareness and hope. 

At the core of the story, Brown and Bolin unveil a new model for plotting where entrepreneurs reside in the “Thriver’s Quadrant.” Using relatable case studies, they take the reader on a journey of self-discovery and paint a clear path to close the gap between the dangerous positions we so often find ourselves in and the abundance we all desire. Discover the enthralling story with a simple message that delivers exponential results.

VANCE BROWN is the CEO of the National Cybersecurity Center. He also is Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Cherwell Software, rated in 2014 as one of the 101 fastest growing companies in North America. In 2015 Cherwell was recognized as the top software company in all of Colorado.  Formerly, Vance was President and CEO of GoldMine® Software, which at the time was rated as one of the top 100 software companies in the United States.